Prevention of Malaria in travelers

“Self treatment of a possible malaria infection is only a temporary measure; prompt medical evaluation is imperative.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides useful information about malaria risk.  (  Every year, millions of US residents travel to countries where malaria is present. About 1,500 cases of malaria are diagnosed in the United States annually, mostly in returned travelers.

Travelers to sub-Saharan Africa have the greatest risk of both getting malaria and dying from their infection. However, all travelers to countries where malaria is present may be at risk for infection.

If you are considering travel outside of the U. S. Dr. MacDonell can help you determine if malarial transmission is a risk   He can then direct you to the best resources for prevention and discuss the pros and cons of various antimalarial drugs.

Download this article that outlines sources, prevention, and treatments of malaria.