Live Well

You are under age 60, value the patient-physician relationship and seek integrated, coordinated care.
You need a physician advocate who will take a proactive approach that guides and monitors your health.

Your membership benefits with insurance include:

    • Same-day or next-day appointments

    • 24/7 Access

    • Little to no wait appointment wait time

    • Insurance billing and patient advocacy

    • Guest memberships

    • In-house blood draws

    • Hospital visits/direct admission to hospital

    • Prescription delivery coordination

    • Unlimited office visits; typically 45 minutes with doctor per visit

    • Direct physician access via email, cell phone and texting

    • Personalized assessment and preventative health plan

    • Quarterly wellness check-ups

    • Complete coordination of care with specialists, medical tests, etc.

    • Integrative medicine

Membership Levels