About Personalized Healthcare in Bend, OR

MyMD Personal Medicine in Bend, Oregon uses the concierge, or subscription, model to offer patients more personalized medical care.
It’s like having your own private doctor on call!

Board Certified Medical Doctor in Bend

Not all doctors are board certified. Dr. Mac Donell is board certified in Internal Medicine. This distinction means that Dr. Mac Donell has passed nationally recognized qualification examinations. He prides himself in coordinating your care among specialists, and in providing a unique and comprehensive approach to all your health care issues.

Dr. Richard Mac Donell MD, PC

As someone who knows you personally, Dr. Richard Mac Donell feels a deep responsibility to ensure you receive coordinated, continuity of care from start to finish. When necessary, he will advocate for you among specialists to schedule appointments and avoid health care conflicts. He will always try to take a larger view of your health, informed by his comprehensive knowledge of your personal health history.

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Dr. Richard Mac Donell graduated from Georgetown Medical School, then completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Washington affiliate in Spokane, WA. During medical school and his residency, Dr. Mac Donell volunteered with a medical team in the Dominican Republic and Honduras.

He enjoys active, ongoing learning and has achieved national recognition for Board Certification in Internal Medicine. In 1998, Dr. Mac Donell returned to his home state of California where he worked as a Hospitalist, then moved into private practice. Seeking a slower pace and the opportunity to make more meaningful connections with patients, he moved to Bend in 2001 and established MyMD Personal Medicine in 2006.

In addition to running his private practice, Dr. Mac Donell served as a physician volunteer with Volunteers in Medicine, and on the Healthcare Committee for the Bend Chamber of Commerce. He has been the Chief of St. Charles Medical Center’s Medical Service Section Primary Care Division Internal Medicine, and has been a member of the St. Charles Medical Center’s Bioethics Committee.

MyMD maintains your history | Your records in one place

Because of the continuity and integration of the practice, Dr. Mac Donell is able to maintain consistent records of your health history. No more guessing what your cholesterol was last year, or your blood pressure. At a glance, your doctor can notice progress or dangerous trends because they have the records and a personal commitment to your lifetime health care.

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