With MyMD, you can finally say, “He’s my doctor.”, and really mean it. Dr. Rich MacDonell is a highly experienced, primary care physician in Bend, Oregon, providing personalized healthcare to patients of all ages.

MyMD Personal Medicine offers

  • Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor
  • Customized care for each patient
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Richard MacDonell
  • No wait time for your appointments
  • Same-day or next-day appointments
  • Highly flexible appointment scheduling

What is Concierge Health Care?

Dr. Rich MacDonell, an Internal Medicine doctor, provides patients with personalized care and unlimited access, as needed, with no wait times and same or next-day appointments. It’s an old-fashioned concept, supported by a physician who has advanced medical training and access to a superior hospital setting.

It’s not a new idea for doctors to truly know their patients and see them often…when they’re sick or well. Yet, most people are dissatisfied with the current healthcare landscape as doctors align with big clinics that don’t offer quality time or quick access.

Patients of Dr. MacDonell spend extended time in a private and professional setting, discussing specific medical conditions, treatment options and plans for ongoing care. His approach to wellness, healthy lifestyle coaching and internal medical care is second to none in Central Oregon. And, his patients are his best form of advertising with their raving reviews.

Learn More About Customized Concierge Services and Membership Plans.

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